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Érudition hagiographique au XVIII e siècle: Jean Lebeuf et les Bollandistes. Correspondance

212 p. Voltaire used to say of Jean Lebeuf (1687-1760), canon of Auxerre, that he was « l’un des plus savants hommes dans les détails de l’histoire de France ». Curious about everything he applied his talents in various fields: history, both religious and secular, liturgy, music and hagiography. Amongst his correspondents he numbered the Bollandists, especially Jean- Baptiste Du Sollier (1669-1740), to whom he sent much information for the Acta Sanctorum. The exchange of letters between Lebeuf and the hagiographers of Antwerp as well as some files dealing with the saints of the Church of Auxerre bear ample witness to the scope and depth of their research.