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Founded by the Jesuit Jean Bolland in 1630, the Société des Bollandistes is at the origin of critical hagiography, an original discipline combining history and philology. As a work of the Society of Jesus, it places itself at the service of the universal Church, as well as of the scientific community. It establishes links of academic collaboration (research projects, publications, conferences, teaching) and, where possible, institutional collaboration.

It is itself made up of a group of scholars, Jesuits and lay. Its aim is to study the history of the saints and their cults at all times and in all their aspects. To this end, it provides reliable editions of historical sources (Greek, Latin, Oriental, vernacular, ancient, medieval, modern and contemporary), indexes and electronic databases. Its main tool is a specialized library that is unique in the world, constantly updated and accessible to outside researchers. It offers researchers the help they need, both in terms of the expertise it provides and the welcome it extends to them and their work. Beyond this circle (the scientific community), it is now also striving to reach a wider public through conferences and an active presence in the media and on social networks..

Analecta Bollandiana
Subsidia hagiographica
Tabularium hagiographicum

The publications of the Bollandists represent an important contribution to hagiographical research and the preservation of cultural heritage. Through books, articles, and critical editions, the Bollandists provide scholarly insights into the Lives of saints, exploring historical, spiritual, and cultural aspects of these inspiring figures.

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